Are you confused or hurting, or both? Even though you might have the idea that you “should be able to do it all by yourself” it’s possible a professionally unbiased and non-judgmental person might help you sort through things, perhaps help you acquire some skills that you seem to be missing or unable to bring on board often enough to help your situation.

You might be anxious about something, or depressed about something. Right now, that something feels insurmountable, so you can’t see how to get out from underneath it.

Perhaps you are struggling with the effects of trauma or addiction or chronic pain and have arrived here because you are looking for a therapist who can help your body as much as your mind.

Whatever your pain is, you have come to a place where you can safely work to heal it. Please call me at 415-505-5451 to schedule a free consultation.


Maybe you’ve come here because the pain in your relationship is more than you can continue to stand. You can’t seem to find a way to communicate with each other and that easy, wonderful loving vibe you used to have is either gone or comes much less often.

Maybe there’s some substance abuse issues, or the threat of an affair. Maybe the constant bickering is escalating to a place that isn’t easy to recover from. You’re scared that you’re hurting each other past the point where you will be able to stay in love with each other. Why haven’t all the fights caused solutions to long-standing problems?

There’s nothing I love more than providing the safe space and the personally tailored tools to bring you and your partner back into loving, connected and happy relationship with each other. Please call me at 415-505-5451 to schedule a free consultation.