My Background

I was born with the gift of intuitive, knowing touch and had a private massage practice for 7 years before I began graduate school to become a psychotherapist.  I knew that my massage clients deeply benefited from touch but saw, too often, the mental patterns that they held prevented them from releasing the stuck places in their bodies.

Having already had a long relationship with personal growth through my own psychotherapy, I became interested in how I could help my clients to shift their mental patterns and I decided to become a psychotherapist.  I knew that an integration between the mind and the body needed to happen but until the times shifted and body-oriented psychotherapy began to percolate out to the mainstream, I studied psychotherapy and experimented with calling attention of the body to my psychotherapy clients and the calling attention to the mind with my psychotherapy clients.

Now, with my years of training in somatic therapy I integrate the best of both worlds.  I have years of training in a therapy orientation known as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, developed by Pat Odgen (another massage therapist turned psychotherapist).  My work now combines my 25 years experience in body work with my deep understanding of the psyche, the mind and the embodied mind.  I’ve been practicing psychotherapy since 1998 and now have a wealth of therapeutic skills in addition to my somatic skills.

Those who dive deeply into their felt experience may eventually find that ineffable quality of spirit.  Before I had graduated from University of Santa Monica, with a graduate degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in spiritual psychology, I added a two-year training in non-denominational spiritual counseling from Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.  I see our spiritual self as the energy of love, compassion and kindness that emerges when we drop into our deepest nature.  I work with all spiritual orientations (or none) with utmost respect.