My Philosophy

I became a licensed marriage and family therapist because I believe healthy relationships are the foundation of a happy life.  Whether it is with an intimate other, an extended family, friendships or the people we work with, our relationships and what we learn from them on the way to health and happiness are where our greatest gifts are.

When the family unit in our home life is happy and stable, we can take on many challenges and goals that might otherwise wear us down.  We return to our family to resource our selves, and to find nurturance and support.  Neuroscience can now confirm the release of soothing neurochemicals that provide a sense of calm well-being that directly arise from connecting with safe others.

Just as clearly, the absence of healthy relationship challenges our brains and therefore our bodies and minds.

I am on the side of you feeling connected to people, in the way that is just right for you.

I believe that therapy can help you to feel safe in your body and life.  To know and express your needs more clearly. To be able to both give and receive support.  To stand with strength and independence and also allow others to help.  To have a personal integrity that allows you to trust your word to yourself.  To feel feelings and identify thoughts and know the difference between them. To know how to separate yourself from thoughts and behaviors that do not serve.  To have a sense of healthy individuality that allows more authentic connection.  To have more creativity and the inner freedom to express it.  Therapy can help you to know and offer forth your particular amazing gifts to the world in service and with freedom.

When held in a safe and caring counseling relationship, all the patterns that inhibit your highest and best can be studied with gentle compassion and curiosity.  In that spirit, alternatives become possible, can be experimented with, and then adopted with the body, the mind and the heart.