About Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic work has the goal of getting you to the aha! moment where you feel the realization of understanding and the absolute possibility of meeting a challenge with all of your being. Mind, emotions and bodily felt experience are in alignment and healthy actions naturally follow.

You might have discovered my web site and services while looking for traditional “talk” counseling, and whether or not you choose to work somatically with me, you can count on receiving the benefit of the years of study and practice I have in many different therapy orientations.  There’s so much benefit in therapy that involves the mind and beliefs and behavior, but in my own journey, I discovered that even the most perceptive understanding of my early life or the deepest long term talk therapy did not ease all of my symptoms.  Somehow, some barriers remained to my experiencing full aliveness and stopped me from being able to be present, flexible, resilient and resourced the way I knew I was capable of being.

With increasingly rapid advancements in mind-body medicine, psycho-immunology, trauma research, neuroscience, and stress research, the front lines of modern medicine and psychology now acknowledge that the mind is not separate from the body and have begun to address healing in a much more comprehensive way. Somatic psychotherapy is in the forefront of mental health care and has a proven track record for increasing well-being.

As soon as I found the somatic psychotherapy method known as Sensorimotor, I knew I had found the key.  Sensorimotor pulls from the best of traditional psychotherapy, neuroscience and the field of attachment research, and adds mindfulness, mind-body awareness, experiential methods and an awareness of our essential nature.

A somatic psychotherapy session will call attention to the experience of the body and use the mind to study the memories held in the body, often unconsciously, and increase awareness for how each individual experience resulted in unhelpful strategies for handling (or not handling) life’s challenges.  It is gentle and respectful and loving.  The result of somatic work is a reduction in traumatic activation, increased flexibility, resilience and regulation.  It results in a change you can feel from your head to your toes and it comes from a place within you that is wise and intuitive.

Somatic work uses experiential processes like movement and posture, meditation and insight-oriented work combined with mindfulness to achieve deep change that results from having an experience you feel in your body as well as mental understanding. Call me to schedule an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation to see if this style of work is a fit for you.