My Background

I was born with the gift of intuitive touch and had a private massage practice for 7 years before I began graduate school to become a psychotherapist. I saw my massage clients deeply benefiting from touch but too often, the mental patterns that they held prevented them from releasing the stuck places in their bodies.

Having already had a long relationship with personal growth I decided to begin training to become a psychotherapist. The field of somatic psychotherapy had yet to be taught in schools, so I experimented. I began calling attention to the body with my psychotherapy clients and attention to the mind with my massage clients.

Some time after licensure, I found a system of somatic training created by Pat Odgen, PhD (another bodyworker turned psychotherapist) called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Now my work combines my 25 years of experience in bodywork with my deep understanding of the psyche and the embodied mind. Although I no longer practice bodywork, I’ve been practicing psychotherapy since 1998 and have a wealth of therapeutic skills.

Those who dive deeply into their felt experience may eventually find that ineffable quality of spirit. I work with all spiritual orientations (or none) with utmost respect. I see our spiritual self as the energy of love, compassion and kindness that emerges when we drop into our deepest nature. I have training in non-denominational spiritual counseling and have studied many spiritual traditions.

Daphne Lowe, MA, MFT
Adults & Couples Counseling
by Video Conference only