From childhood, men are raised with the ideal that they be strong, brave, independent, and fearless at all times. Boys grow up identifying with images of a masculine hero who is strong and alone and can always rise up in times of trouble and save his loved ones from their distress. The problem is, this hero who flies solo and can rescue everyone ends up not having a place for the very real, vulnerable feelings that all human beings have when they come face to face with deficits left from childhood.

I understand your wish for solutions and will work in a solution-focused way by giving actionable tools. I can also help interpret the behavior of others, especially the relevant women in your life.

My goal as your therapist is to provide the safety for you to explore all of who you are: the strong provider and protector energies and how you choose to employ them, and the more vulnerable energies of pain, shame, loss and grief. Your wonderings about the complexities of competition, friendships, intimacy, and sexuality that are all part of the experience of being a man in our culture today are welcomed in an environment where you will feel safe and met.

Daphne Lowe, MA, MFT
Adults & Couples Counseling
by Video Conference only