Mind/Body/Spirit Integration

When our experiences are physically, sensorially and internally embodied, and those experiences are compassionately witnessed and supported, we cannot help but deepen into a connection to and an awareness of the magnificence of our essential self. The body is your temple and you can regain the sense of your body that you sometimes see in small children as they play in great delight and without self-consciousness.

Illness and disease, including the loss of meaning in life, addictions, chronic pain, clinical depression and debilitating anxiety can be expressions of a separation from the fullness of ourselves and a disconnection from that highest self within us. We are so much more than a mind, a body, a history, or a future. Our true nature is that of health, wholeness, creativity and intuition.

If you have a spiritual practice, I am happy to integrate that aspect of your life into your therapy and I am comfortable with all forms of spiritual practice. If you don’t have a solid spiritual practice and are looking for support for more integration of that practice into your life I offer grounded and intuitive assistance toward manifesting that goal.

I love this piece on how mind/body/spirit integration results from somatic work:

“For the body to change, it has to know what it is doing.  The basic steps of being present: awareness of bodily felt sensations, various thoughts of the mind, emotions that come and go all create the foundation for the somatic experience.  Awareness of self-regulation and self-healing begins with the observation of dynamic intelligence, inner knowledge, and health inherent in all of us.  Based on physiological response and function, Somatic Therapy provides personal exploration into the multifaceted consciousness of your mind, body and spirit.” From How Things Change, by Susan Blue.

Daphne Lowe, MA, MFT
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