Are you harsh and critical of your efforts to grow? Are you flooded with anxiety and panic, or overwhelmed by depression and hopelessness? Are you struggling with the memories of a painful childhood? Are you confused about how to overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation? Do you lack the keys to change your life? Do the ways toward your dreams feel blocked in a way you haven’t been able to open by yourself, no matter how hard you’ve tried?

Whether you seek relief from relationship, career or health issues, a course of therapy will include the installation of resources that allow you to experience yourself as centered, aligned, grounded and strong when life presents you stressors.

In an atmosphere of caring and non-judgment, I offer keys to open the doors which are limiting you in a way that is individually tailored to you. I will help you to feel the free flow of energy in your body, to experience love and peace in the quantities that feel just right to you, to have nourishing relationships with friends, family and in partnership, and to feel possibility again. No matter what has happened in your history, it is possible to find a meaning for your life that fulfills you.

Daphne Lowe, MA, MFT
Adults & Couples Counseling
by Video Conference only