About Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic therapy pulls from the best of traditional psychotherapy, neuroscience and the field of attachment research, and adds mindfulness, mind-body awareness, experiential methods and an awareness of how our innate character impacts our relationships.

Somatic work will use a wide variety of experiential processes, from investigating and adapting elements of movement and posture, to meditation and insight-oriented work. We study what you are already doing well, and widen your existing resources to embrace new situations. When the mind, emotions and bodily felt experience are in alignment healthy actions naturally follow.

A somatic psychotherapy session will use mindfulness to study the way the body stores experiences, paying attention to how we come to have unhelpful strategies for handling (or not handling) life’s challenges. It is gentle and respectful and loving. Safety is a priority. The result of somatic work is a reduction in traumatic activation, increased flexibility, resilience and regulation. The changes comes from insights that are supported by your body expressing your own wisdom and intuition.

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Daphne Lowe, MA, MFT
Adults & Couples Counseling
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